Pastor Nuel Manufor
Senior Pastor, CovenantLight Church

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Pastor Nuel Manufor


Pastor Nuel Manufor is the Lead pastor of CovenantLight Church with a mandate to spread the knowledge of God’s love both by precept and by example. He is committed to planting churches that proclaim the Love of God in their communities, to the training and mentoring of emerging ministers and to social transformation through community impact projects.

He presides over Grace and Truth Ministries, through which he oversees all CovenantLight Churches Worldwide. Pastor Nuel is an ardent teacher of the word with a prophetic unction on his life which has brought miraculous transformation in the lives of many.

He is committed to unveiling the person of Jesus to the world and bringing several to the knowledge of God’s love for them. He is married to Bukonla, who pastors alongside with him, and they have two children.