Jimi Tewe
CEO, The Jimi Tewe Company

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Jimi Tewe


Jimi is a seasoned Career Success Catalyst, motivational speaker, and the CEO of The Jimi Tewe Company (a Human Resources Consulting firm based in Lagos State, Nigeria). He holds vast experience as a Human Resource Professional in HR Consulting and he is a Generalist with competencies developed in HR Strategy Interpretation; Implementation; Emotional Intelligence; Talent Management; Organization Design; Manpower Planning; Job Competency profiling; Job Analysis; Evaluation; and Manning Analysis; Leadership Training.

Jimi is a member of the American Association of Small Business Consultants, Texas, USA; the International Certified Consultants Association, Canada; and as mentioned earlier, is a certified Job Evaluator and Emotional; Social Competence Intelligence Specialist with the HayGroup of South Africa.

Having risen to senior management position in then Bank PHB just five years after Youth Service, Jimi transitioned to the world of business and has been able to assist large organizations and SMEs in Nigeria improve their staff productivity. He is passionate about helping individuals reach their highest potential and has been able to create such platforms as the 7-Star Worker, Career Shift and Get Employed to make this a reality.